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Recycling Programs for All Sorts of Things

3 Excellent Reasons To Recycle Your Laptop

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If you have a laptop that is no longer functioning as it should, or that you simply no longer want or need, then you should consider recycling it. Several different locations take laptops for recycling, so finding one of these locations in your area should be quite simple for you. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to recycle your laptop.  You Prevent Harm To The Planet  When you have a laptop that you no longer want, your first reaction may be to throw it away. However, this can have a very negative impact on the environment. You are adding to the ever growing number of electronic devices that are being thrown away each day. Since more and more technological devices are being created, such as phones, tablets, computers, video games consoles, etc., more and more waste is being created. This is turning into a problem quickly because landfills are filling up with these items. Rather than throwing your laptop away, you should instead recycle it, such as at Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc. This stops landfills from filling up with laptops, and instead allows all of the parts of your laptop that can be recycled to be recycled and reused.  They Contain Material That Can Be Used To Manufacture New Products  While your laptop may no longer be functional in its current condition, this doesn’t mean that it is completely useless and meant for the trash. A laptop has several different parts to it that can be taken apart and used to create new products. For example, a laptop is made of copper, aluminum, steel, plastic, and precious metals. All of these materials can be extracted from your laptop and can they be sold and reused to create new products. Throwing these valuable materials away is incredibly wasteful and is not allowing them to be used to their fullest potential.  Some Recycling Locations Even Pick Up And Pay You For Your Laptop Recycling your laptop is going to not only be simple for you, but it can also be very beneficial as well. Many recycling locations offer a free pickup service that will come to your home to get your laptop for you. This makes it super easy for you because you don’t have to worry about taking the time to load up your laptop and drop it off on your own time. Many locations are also going to pay you for giving them your laptop. Being able to make some money off of an item that you no longer need is also a great...

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3 Tips To Protect Against Dumpster Diving

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Rummaging through commercial dumpsters for items ranging from food to computer parts has become a pastime that is sweeping the nation. Although it might seem harmless, dumpster diving can actually be problematic for business owners. If you are looking to keep dumpster divers out of your company’s trash receptacles, here are three simple things that you can do to protect your company’s dumpsters in the future. 1. Invest in locking dumpsters. One of the most effective ways to keep dumpster divers out of your company’s trash is by investing in dumpsters that have the ability to lock. Placing your trash inside the dumpster, then securely locking the lid at the end of each day can keep unwanted guests out of your garbage. A locking dumpster protects any confidential information from falling into the wrong hands, and eliminates the potential mess that dumpster divers may leave behind. 2. Invest in dumpsters with built-in compactors.  Trash compactors can play a critical role in helping to reduce dumpster diving activities on your commercial property. When you invest in a dumpster with a built-in compactor, you have the ability to compress your company’s trash at the end of each day. Compressed trash is much more difficult to comb through for valuable items, so dumpster divers will likely target another trash receptacle if you invest in a dumpster with a built-in compactor. In addition to deterring dumpster divers, a compactor can also allow you to increase the volume of trash you are able to fit into a single dumpster. This could reduce your waste disposal expenses. 3. Make your dumpster more visible. Although a camera can’t physically stop someone from climbing into your company’s dumpster, the presence of a camera might be enough to deter some people from taking the risk of getting caught. You can easily install a wireless security camera to record the area in which your dumpster is located. Post signs letting would-be divers know that the area is under video surveillance, and hopefully dumpster diving activities will decrease. Eliminating fencing around your dumpster to minimize privacy can also be a great way to increase visibility. The risk of being seen inside a dumpster that is not enclosed in a fence is greater than the risk associated with a fenced dumpster, so divers may be less likely to target your unfenced receptacle. Finding simple ways to deter dumpster diving will help you keep your company’s trash from falling into the wrong...

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4 Things You Must Do Before Recycling Your Junk Car

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According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the number one recycled product in the United States is motor vehicles. Whether you opt to recycle your junk car for money, or simply to keep your vehicle out of a landfill, there are a few things you’ll want to do first.  Research the Company Take a little time to investigate the company you plan on giving your junk car to so that you know it will be put to good use. The first step is to find out if the organization is a licensed auto recycler. Next, ask about the company’s process. How is the car handled once it arrives and what will be done to it. The vehicle may be displayed for parts or it may be repaired and donated to someone less fortunate. Check out the yard and determine if the facility is free of debris with products displayed in a neat and orderly fashion.  Siphon Out the Gas Once you know where your junk car will be recycled, siphon out the gas. You can use the gas in another vehicle or for your lawnmower. The recycling center is going to remove the gasoline and all other liquids before it does anything with your car anyway, so you mine as well save a few dollars by siphoning the gas. Take Care of All of Your Paperwork  Locate your title and transfer ownership of the vehicle to the recycling center. Next, you’ll need to notify your insurance company so that the policy can be stopped. If you have any remaining months on the policy, you’ll receive a refund in most cases. Finally, remove the license plate from the junk car and turn it in to your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you turn in your tags, your registration can be cancelled.  Arrange for Pick-Up Most recycling organizations will arrange a time to pick-up your junk car. They may call and give you a time, or have their contracted towing company contact you. After you have an agreed upon date and time, go over your vehicle one final time. Make sure you removed all personal items, spare tires, GPS units and jumper cables. Don’t forget to look in the glove compartment and underneath of the seats.  Finally, after your junk car has been recycled, you’ll want to ask the company, like TVM Recycling, for a tax deductible receipt. The organization will assign a dollar amount to the car that you are donating and you can use this to reduce your tax...

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Things To Consider When You Need To Rent A Dumpster

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If you have a need for a dumpster, there are some things that you are going to want to take into consideration before you pay for one. To help you with this, you will want to review the following points. There Are Certain Things You Cannot Put In A Dumpster When trying to decide the size of the dumpster that you need, you need to know that there are some things that simply cannot be placed in it. For example, unless you are able to remove the coolant from all window and central air conditioners, freezer units, and refrigerators, they cannot go into the dumpster. This is because the contents of the dumpster are usually taken straight to the dump and disposed of. The coolant would then eventually leak into the ground, which is harmful for the environment. You need to remove the coolant or have a specialty company come out to dispose of those appliances. Therefore, if those just so happen to be some of the largest things that you need to get rid of, you might be able to get away with renting a smaller dumpster. Consider Your Rental Window If you are interested in saving a little bit of money, you might want to call the dumpster rental company in order to see if they offer better prices for the dumpsters that are rented during the week versus what may be charged for weekend rates. If you are able to save a substantial amount of money, it might be in your best interest to schedule the dates of your remodeling or spring cleaning project so that you can get it all done during the week. You Need To Obtain A Copy Of The Dumpster Guidelines Some dumpster companies have very specific rules regarding the use of their dumpsters and if those rules are not followed, you could end up owing additional fees. For example, if they find that there are any appliances in the dumpster that still have the coolant in them, they may reserve the right to have you unload everything and properly repack it. There is also a weight limit that will vary depending on the size of the dumpster that you rent. Generally speaking, as long as you do not fill up the dumpster to the point where it is overflowing, you are probably okay. If the contents of the dumpster are packed too high, the company may refuse to pick it up and may charge you for additional rental days while you unload some of the debris. This is because they cannot risk hauling the dumpster while garbage is falling onto the road. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are obtaining a full list of the rules or guidelines so you can make sure that you are following them. With those points in mind, you should be much more prepared to rent a...

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Tips For Reducing The Amount Of Trash You Put Out Each Week

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Whether your trash hauling company limits the amount of bags you can put out each week or you simply want to decrease the number of bags you have to carry out for personal reasons, the following tips will help you reduce the volume of trash you produce. Break Down All Boxes Too many people make the mistake of throwing all of their boxes in the trash while they are still intact. This uses up a lot of space because there is nothing but air in those boxes. By simply breaking down all of the boxes so that they are flat, you will be able to fit a lot more garbage into the bags. You will not have to take as many bags to the curb each week when you are able to finally start putting more in each bag. Install And Use A Garbage Compactor If you would like to take it one step further and compress all of your garbage as much as possible, you will be able to save a lot more room in the garbage bags. By purchasing and installing an electric garbage compactor, you will notice a drastic change in the number of garbage bags that you have to put out on the curb. Start Recycling Some Of Your Garbage There is a lot of garbage that can be recycled instead of ever having to put it out on the curb. Simply get a few plastic bins so you can separate glass bottles, aluminum cans, and paper. You will then need to call your trash removal company to inquire about any services that they offer regarding picking up recyclables. If the garbage company does not offer such services, you can find a local recycling center and take everything out there once your bins are filled up. You might even find that some recycling centers will pay a little bit of money depending on how many recyclables you bring in. Talk to a company like Waconia Roll-Off Service for more information on trash hauling or recycling. Create Your Own Compost Pile Instead of throwing leftover fruits, vegetables, eggs shells, and coffee grounds into the garbage bag, you can throw them in your own compost pile. As your compost pile grows and produces high quality fertilizer, you can use that on your garden, flower bed, or in your flower pots so everything can grow much healthier. With those tips in mind, you should find that it can be rather simple to reduce the amount of garbage bags you have to take to the curb each...

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How To Use Your Recyclable Items

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If you are cleaning your garage, you want to make sure you make good use of as many of the left over items as you can before you send them off to be recycled. You can use a lot of those items for some creative uses that help you in many different ways around your house and yard. Learn about some of the different uses for scrap metal, cardboard and glass by reading this article. Break down your cardboard boxes You can break down your cardboard boxes and use them to protect your home in a variety of ways. One thing you can do with them is to lay them out on your garage floor where you park your cars. This way, if your car drips oil, then the cardboard will collect it so it won’t get on the floor where you will have a hard time cleaning it off. You can also use the cardboard to protect your walls in the areas where you keep your bird or rabbit cages. These animals can make a fairly decent-sized mess when they kick and spray debris onto your walls. By tacking up sheets of cardboard on the walls, you will protect them from that debris, and you can replace the cardboard as often as you need. Use glass jars for storage You can use glass jars for much more than you may realize. You can turn them into piggy banks, use them as jars to store your loose buttons in, and even use them as a place to put any other small miscellaneous items that may be taking up room in your junk drawers. You can paint the jars to give them a look that adds a uniqueness to them that makes them a pleasure to display in your home. Use scrap metal to add to your landscaping You can use any old scrap metal pails around your yard as flower pots. Clean off the loose dirt and drill a few holes into the bottom of the pail for drainage. To add a personal touch to the flower pots, you can paint hand-painted flowers onto them. Once the paint has dried, fill each pot with soil and plant your flowers in it. Use rims as an outside table You can take one rim and place it on its side, then take another one and set it inside that rim. Place another one on top of that one — also on its side. You can now lay a round piece of wood on the top rim to create a durable outside table. Now that you know ways to use your recyclables, you can put some of them to great use before you have the rest of them hauled off to a company like Summit Recycling of Penn...

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Top Creative Recycling Ideas

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Throwing your bottles and cans in the recycling bin is a good way to keep plastic out of landfills. But there are creative ways you can reuse these materials. Here are ideas on creative ways to recycle: Bottle recycling Did you know you can turn boring plastic soda bottles and milk jugs into useful household items? Here are ideas to get you started: Cut the bottle in half, give it a coat of paint, and use as a flower pot. Use it as a piggy bank. Make it into a bird feeder. Cut off the bottom and use it as an organizing jar for your bathroom or office. Aluminum cans recycling Have you wondered what you can do to reuse those soda cans from the 12 pack? Here are fun ideas for cans recycling and reusing: Use it as a bracelet holder. Cut holes or shapes in the sides and place a candle inside to use as a lantern. Cut the top off and use it to hold coasters. Wrap the side with paper and use it to hold a lint roller. Tin cans recycling Next time you use a can of soup, tear off the label and use it for a fun craft. Here are ways to reuse those tin cans: Paint the cans and glue them together so they stack to make a wine rack or storage shelves. Paint the can and line with fabric to store jewelry. String cans together and hang outside to create a hanging flower or herb garden. Paint or wrap the sides and use to organize kitchen utensils. Glass bottle recycling Do you have a passion for wine or beer but hate the waste? Here are four ideas for recycling those glass bottles: Use as a candle holder. Place string lights in the bottle and place a lamp shade on top to use as a nightlight or bedside lamp. Paint the sides a pastel color and place flowers inside to use as a centerpiece. Paint the bottle and fill with your favorite scented oil for an air freshener. Cardboard recycling If you have a bunch of boxes lying around, you can find a use for them. Here are ideas on how to reuse cardboard: Cut the sides off the box to get individual cardboard pieces. Wrap them with fabric, towels, or sheets for easy folding and storage. Place a tablecloth over a tall, sturdy box and use as a nightstand or side table. Paint the sides and line the inside with fabric to use as a storage bin for shoes, magazines, books, or toys. Paint the inside and outside of the box and use as a book or shoe shelf. These are ways you can reuse any household waste in your home. Otherwise, contact a local recycler, like Main Street Fibers, to drop of your...

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Repurposing Your Glass Recyclables

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Before you toss your glass recyclables in the curbside recycle bin, you may want to consider whether or not you can put some of them to good use yourself. There are a lot of creative ways you can use them for something else, and this article will give you a couple ideas on just some of the different things you can do with them. Make glass piggy banks If you have small glass bottles like the type that many cold coffee drinks come in, then you can use them to make some adorable looking piggy banks. The first thing you want to do is wash and dry the bottle and the lid. Then, paint the outside of the bottle and the lid a light pink color and allow it to dry. You can use a screwdriver to pound a slot big enough for coins to fit into the lid with the lid setting on a piece of wood. Use a file to file away sharp edges left on it after the process. Use a black permanent marker to draw eyes and a pig nose and mouth onto the center of the bottle. Once you put the lid on, your piggy bank is complete. Make night lights for your bathroom You can take your medium- to large-sized glass jars and turn them into beautiful night lights for your bathroom. Remove the label, wash and dry the jar and the lid. Fill the jar with glass beads or decorative glass stones that are a mixture of clear ones and another color of your choosing. Take a small battery operated candle and set it in the glass rocks upside down, so the plastic flame is actually going down into the rocks a little bit. Paint the lid a color that matches the color of some of the glass stones. Take a piece of ribbon in this same color and tie it around the center of the glass jar. Once the lid is dry, you can turn the switch on the bottom of the candle (which can be easily done since it is upside down) and put the lid on the jar. Now you can enjoy the soft light that bounces off the glass stones. After you have a good time making these items, you may find that you are able to come up with other ideas that you can do with your glass recyclables. After you have made sure you set enough aside for your projects, you can put the rest in the curbside recycle bin. For curbside recycling, contact a company such as Industrial Services...

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3 Questions You Need To Ask When Choosing A Waste Management Company

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Every home has garbage. While some areas include garbage pickup with their property taxes, others require you to go out and get your own company to pick your waste up for you. If you happen to live in an area where you have to pay for your garbage pickup, you want to make sure you are getting everything you need and not paying for something you don’t. To help you along the way, here are three questions you need to ask different companies to help you choose one that is going to work for you and your needs. How many bags or boxes can be put out each week? One of the main things you need to know is how many bags you can put out each week. If they only allow four bags that are 30-gallons each, you need to know that. Otherwise, you could end up getting hit with additional charges on your bill. Some companies allow for a combination of bags and boxes, while others mark them separately. Make sure to go over what constitutes your weekly allowance to make sure you maximize your garbage service. How do you handle billing? While many companies will send you a bill in the mail every month, that isn’t the case with all of them. There are companies that make you pay for three, six or even twelve months in advance. You need to know this so that you can better plan your budget to make sure you always know when you are going to have to pay the company again. Do you bring a container or do the bags just go to the road? Depending on what company you choose, some bring out a refuse container for you to put all of your items in. As long as it fits in the container, it counts as part of your allowance. Others tell you just to put everything out to the road within your limits. You want to know what to expect, that way you know if you have to wheel their container out to the road or not. Many people prefer the containers because it keeps their garbage safe from predators and prevents them from having to pay more for containers of their own. By asking a series of questions, you can make sure you know what you are getting into and prevent being hit with a bunch of unexpected charges down the line. Contact a local service, like B-P Trucking Inc, to get a...

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