Top Creative Recycling Ideas

Throwing your bottles and cans in the recycling bin is a good way to keep plastic out of landfills. But there are creative ways you can reuse these materials. Here are ideas on creative ways to recycle:

Bottle recycling

Did you know you can turn boring plastic soda bottles and milk jugs into useful household items? Here are ideas to get you started:

  • Cut the bottle in half, give it a coat of paint, and use as a flower pot.
  • Use it as a piggy bank.
  • Make it into a bird feeder.
  • Cut off the bottom and use it as an organizing jar for your bathroom or office.

Aluminum cans recycling

Have you wondered what you can do to reuse those soda cans from the 12 pack? Here are fun ideas for cans recycling and reusing:

  • Use it as a bracelet holder.
  • Cut holes or shapes in the sides and place a candle inside to use as a lantern.
  • Cut the top off and use it to hold coasters.
  • Wrap the side with paper and use it to hold a lint roller.

Tin cans recycling

Next time you use a can of soup, tear off the label and use it for a fun craft. Here are ways to reuse those tin cans:

  • Paint the cans and glue them together so they stack to make a wine rack or storage shelves.
  • Paint the can and line with fabric to store jewelry.
  • String cans together and hang outside to create a hanging flower or herb garden.
  • Paint or wrap the sides and use to organize kitchen utensils.

Glass bottle recycling

Do you have a passion for wine or beer but hate the waste? Here are four ideas for recycling those glass bottles:

  • Use as a candle holder.
  • Place string lights in the bottle and place a lamp shade on top to use as a nightlight or bedside lamp.
  • Paint the sides a pastel color and place flowers inside to use as a centerpiece.
  • Paint the bottle and fill with your favorite scented oil for an air freshener.

Cardboard recycling

If you have a bunch of boxes lying around, you can find a use for them. Here are ideas on how to reuse cardboard:

  • Cut the sides off the box to get individual cardboard pieces. Wrap them with fabric, towels, or sheets for easy folding and storage.
  • Place a tablecloth over a tall, sturdy box and use as a nightstand or side table.
  • Paint the sides and line the inside with fabric to use as a storage bin for shoes, magazines, books, or toys.
  • Paint the inside and outside of the box and use as a book or shoe shelf.

These are ways you can reuse any household waste in your home. Otherwise, contact a local recycler, like Main Street Fibers, to drop of your items.