How To Use Your Recyclable Items

If you are cleaning your garage, you want to make sure you make good use of as many of the left over items as you can before you send them off to be recycled. You can use a lot of those items for some creative uses that help you in many different ways around your house and yard. Learn about some of the different uses for scrap metal, cardboard and glass by reading this article.

Break down your cardboard boxes

You can break down your cardboard boxes and use them to protect your home in a variety of ways. One thing you can do with them is to lay them out on your garage floor where you park your cars. This way, if your car drips oil, then the cardboard will collect it so it won't get on the floor where you will have a hard time cleaning it off.

You can also use the cardboard to protect your walls in the areas where you keep your bird or rabbit cages. These animals can make a fairly decent-sized mess when they kick and spray debris onto your walls. By tacking up sheets of cardboard on the walls, you will protect them from that debris, and you can replace the cardboard as often as you need.

Use glass jars for storage

You can use glass jars for much more than you may realize. You can turn them into piggy banks, use them as jars to store your loose buttons in, and even use them as a place to put any other small miscellaneous items that may be taking up room in your junk drawers. You can paint the jars to give them a look that adds a uniqueness to them that makes them a pleasure to display in your home.

Use scrap metal to add to your landscaping

You can use any old scrap metal pails around your yard as flower pots. Clean off the loose dirt and drill a few holes into the bottom of the pail for drainage. To add a personal touch to the flower pots, you can paint hand-painted flowers onto them. Once the paint has dried, fill each pot with soil and plant your flowers in it.

Use rims as an outside table

You can take one rim and place it on its side, then take another one and set it inside that rim. Place another one on top of that one -- also on its side. You can now lay a round piece of wood on the top rim to create a durable outside table.

Now that you know ways to use your recyclables, you can put some of them to great use before you have the rest of them hauled off to a company like Summit Recycling of Penn Hills.