4 Things You Must Do Before Recycling Your Junk Car

According to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the number one recycled product in the United States is motor vehicles. Whether you opt to recycle your junk car for money, or simply to keep your vehicle out of a landfill, there are a few things you'll want to do first. 

Research the Company

Take a little time to investigate the company you plan on giving your junk car to so that you know it will be put to good use. The first step is to find out if the organization is a licensed auto recycler. Next, ask about the company's process. How is the car handled once it arrives and what will be done to it. The vehicle may be displayed for parts or it may be repaired and donated to someone less fortunate. Check out the yard and determine if the facility is free of debris with products displayed in a neat and orderly fashion. 

Siphon Out the Gas

Once you know where your junk car will be recycled, siphon out the gas. You can use the gas in another vehicle or for your lawnmower. The recycling center is going to remove the gasoline and all other liquids before it does anything with your car anyway, so you mine as well save a few dollars by siphoning the gas.

Take Care of All of Your Paperwork 

Locate your title and transfer ownership of the vehicle to the recycling center. Next, you'll need to notify your insurance company so that the policy can be stopped. If you have any remaining months on the policy, you'll receive a refund in most cases. Finally, remove the license plate from the junk car and turn it in to your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles. Once you turn in your tags, your registration can be cancelled. 

Arrange for Pick-Up

Most recycling organizations will arrange a time to pick-up your junk car. They may call and give you a time, or have their contracted towing company contact you. After you have an agreed upon date and time, go over your vehicle one final time. Make sure you removed all personal items, spare tires, GPS units and jumper cables. Don't forget to look in the glove compartment and underneath of the seats. 

Finally, after your junk car has been recycled, you'll want to ask the company, like TVM Recycling, for a tax deductible receipt. The organization will assign a dollar amount to the car that you are donating and you can use this to reduce your tax liability.