3 Tips To Protect Against Dumpster Diving

Rummaging through commercial dumpsters for items ranging from food to computer parts has become a pastime that is sweeping the nation. Although it might seem harmless, dumpster diving can actually be problematic for business owners.

If you are looking to keep dumpster divers out of your company's trash receptacles, here are three simple things that you can do to protect your company's dumpsters in the future.

1. Invest in locking dumpsters.

One of the most effective ways to keep dumpster divers out of your company's trash is by investing in dumpsters that have the ability to lock. Placing your trash inside the dumpster, then securely locking the lid at the end of each day can keep unwanted guests out of your garbage.

A locking dumpster protects any confidential information from falling into the wrong hands, and eliminates the potential mess that dumpster divers may leave behind.

2. Invest in dumpsters with built-in compactors. 

Trash compactors can play a critical role in helping to reduce dumpster diving activities on your commercial property. When you invest in a dumpster with a built-in compactor, you have the ability to compress your company's trash at the end of each day.

Compressed trash is much more difficult to comb through for valuable items, so dumpster divers will likely target another trash receptacle if you invest in a dumpster with a built-in compactor. In addition to deterring dumpster divers, a compactor can also allow you to increase the volume of trash you are able to fit into a single dumpster. This could reduce your waste disposal expenses.

3. Make your dumpster more visible.

Although a camera can't physically stop someone from climbing into your company's dumpster, the presence of a camera might be enough to deter some people from taking the risk of getting caught. You can easily install a wireless security camera to record the area in which your dumpster is located. Post signs letting would-be divers know that the area is under video surveillance, and hopefully dumpster diving activities will decrease.

Eliminating fencing around your dumpster to minimize privacy can also be a great way to increase visibility. The risk of being seen inside a dumpster that is not enclosed in a fence is greater than the risk associated with a fenced dumpster, so divers may be less likely to target your unfenced receptacle.

Finding simple ways to deter dumpster diving will help you keep your company's trash from falling into the wrong hands.